I am excited to be able to share with you a little bit about myself, my guitars and my philosophy towards creating them. I take pride in my ability to work on a individual basis with each client to create a handcrafted instrument that will last for generations to come. Choosing a handmade instrument is an exciting task that few get to truly experience in their lifetime, and I truly believe that the choices are limited only by the vision and the creativity of the luthier creating the instrument, and the future owner’s dreams.

As an one man operation, I am able to meticulously design and construct each instrument on an individual basis. This approach allows me to focus on the extremely specific variables, controlling them to compliment the finished product, and meet the client’s need for tonality and responsiveness. The result is a truly one of a kind instrument.

It is my sincere desire to provide every client with not only a beautiful guitar, but to furnish them with an instrument that will allow them to fully explore their own musical expressions and ideas, breaking new boundaries and experiencing sound and music on a completely new level. All of my models are but starting points from which a client’s unique and individual instrument is based upon. Each instruments is a collaboration between the client and myself from the selection of wood in the beginning to the delivery of the guitar once it is finished. This method, while being time intensive, leads to far greater happiness in the finished product for both myself and it’s new owner. I pride myself on the relationships that I’ve developed with my client, and continue to develop within the guitar community as a whole. I invite you to discuss your own special needs for a guitar with me, and look forward to beginning a new and exciting journey as we work together to create your new instrument.

Jason Kostal

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