The Specifics

This guitar features the balance and intimacy of the OM with the volume, projection and clarity of the MD. It is essentially an OM on steroids, and the best choice for when you want that OM sound but need it to “go to 11”. It is a large bodied guitar, and not for everyone, but it is my “go to” choice for those that can handle the size, or are looking for an amazing 12 string experience.

Overall Length (12 fret): 40.50”
Overall Length (14 Fret): 41.875”
Body Length: 20.438”
Upper Bout Width: 11.25”
Waist: 9.00”
Lower Bout Width: 16.375”
Depth at Neck: 4.00”
Depth at End: 5.00”
Scale Length: 25.25”