The Specifics

This is the second guitar that I made where the entire guitar was redesigned from the ground up, however, this one was made as a collaboration between myself and UK fingerstyle player Michael Watts. It was an amazing project in which we both described what we wanted a guitar to do, and what we needed it to do, and then set out to create that. The result is probably my favorite guitar to date. The body size is slightly smaller than an OM and is essentially a scaled down version of the MD, adding to its comfort and playability. The 12 fret body joint adds a level of beauty, warmth and sustain that I have not really experienced in other guitars, and the overall size and look of it is elegant and classy in every way. This guitar was originally intended to be a “one off” and was renamed the MD-W for Modified Dreadnought – Watts, but I soon realized that MDW were Michael’s actual initials, and so the hyphen was removed, and my first signature model was created. This guitar has since become my most popular model with many clients that were already in my queue choosing to change their order to the MDW. With every new guitar, I am constantly reminded of just how capable this guitar is.

OAL 12 fret: 39.25″
OAL 14 fret: 40.625″
Body length: 19.375″
Upper Bout Width: 11.250″
Waist: 10.00″
Lower Bout Width: 15.00″
Depth at Neck: 3.75″
Depth at End: 4.25″
Scale Length: 25.00″