Orchestra Model (OM)

The Specifics

Pretty much the “deserted island” guitar! This is the most balanced and articulate of all of the models that I make. The bass is less resounding than in the MD, but still very prevalent, and comes forward with a more balanced and even tone across the entire spectrum. Smaller body size creates less projection than the MD, but provides for a more intimate playing experience for both the player and the listener. If you are someone that plays for your own enjoyment, or a small group of friends, or are a performer that plays through sound systems a lot, this guitar is exactly what you need.

Overall Length (12 fret): 39.375”
Overall Length (14 Fret): 40.75”
Body Length: 19.50”
Upper Bout Width: 11.375”
Waist: 9.625”
Lower Bout Width: 15.562”
Depth at Neck: 3.50”
Depth at End: 4.50”
Scale Length: 25.00”