The Specifics

This guitar was the first guitar that I completely redesigned from the ground up. It took me a little over 2 years to develop, and was based on 4 years of building my MD and OM and having a better understanding of how I was building my guitars, and what I wanted them to do. I redesigned the bracing, depth, size, dome, and soundhole on the guitar to create a short scale, 12 fret guitar that has all of the benefits of the OM in a smaller package. I am continuously amazed at how beautiful this guitar sounds, and how robust and commanding it is for such a small bodied instrument. This guitar is not available in a cutaway model, but access to the upper register is still ok.

Overall Length (12 fret): 39.00”
Overall Length (14 Fret): 40.50”
Body Length: 19.25”
Upper Bout Width: 10.25”
Waist: 9.00”
Lower Bout Width: 14.50”
Depth at Neck: 3.50”
Depth at End: 4.25”
Scale Length: 24.75”